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I have been on and am so thrilled with the site!  
I played with it yesterday and made changes.  
I am getting the hang of it and am so pleased that it is so user friendly.  

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I am not naturally an IT sort of person!



Melanie Speechly, Statewide CASA Program Administrator
Office of Guardian ad Litem and CASA

Andrew was helpful, friendly, and quick to solve our problem. We appreciate the help. Thank you!

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Dorothy Mazzanti, Administrative Assisstant
Mendocino County Office of Education

"Dear IES Team,

The Roosevelt Children's Academy team wanted to thank you for your continued support in expediting the technical questions for RCA's tech support specialist. We are navigating and updating the website with great ease due to your training and feedback. Your technical assistance in ensuring RCA's Tech Specialist continues to independently develop his ability to update the website is greatly appreciated...

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As a separate but related item, we are automating our "enrollment application processing" using the form creator on rcacs.org website. We are currently beta testing with Implementation planned ASAP after. In that regard, we also thank you for following up on our recent inquiry (webpage saving as part of the transparent background)."



Mrs Portero, PR Director
The Roosevelt Children's Academy

"Devon (customer care representative) is the most patient person when it comes to my questions!?His knowledge, helpfulness and friendliness makes me feel like I'm not intruding on his time so I can learn and accomplish these tasks on my own next time.?He follows up when he may not know the answer, and emails me needed documentation so I can share with my colleagues.?I really enjoy working with him.

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Eva Dickerson, Public Information Officer
Sierra Vista Unified School District

Customer service staff was very friendly and helpful. He solved issues quickly. Overall, he provided an excellent client service.

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Karen Goh, President
Garden Pathways

"Thank you for considering our recommendations to modify few forms on the Cyberschool platform. This is awesome. Thank you for hearing the needs of your customers!!! "



Cynthia Laird, Director of IT
Nederland ISD

"IES and his team helped improve our inspection processes by developing a functional web site that in turn affected the client growth of our company. IES level of customer service is exceptional. Its customer support is easy to work with and always ready to make things right. IES team smoothly and quickly handled any requests we submitted to fix bugs and make changes. ...

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They also spent as much time as we needed to show us how to use the site to full advantage, and even participated in leading some of our staff trainings on the site. Without their eyes for detail and attentiveness, the site wouldn't look as great as it does. "



Joe Elliot Jr, President
Premium Inspection

"I am so glad our company used IES Services to create and oversee our new website… Never have I worked with a group of people who are so dedicated, patient and informative in literally all areas of our website needs. I will never have to search for a website company again because of their clear skills and the “better than I ever could have anticipated” outcome of our now visually appealing website...

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There were multiple people who were all qualified and effective in answering my many questions. Because of their service and dedication, we have a new and improved website that better reflects or mission, our efforts, and our need for support. The staff was friendly and supportive in educating me so I could make my own changes, and they were incredibly helpful in providing ideas and expertise in improving our website.

The level of patience, support and effort employees of IES put in to getting our website up and awesome is simply outstanding. I have seriously never encountered a group of employees who were so dedicated to ensuring we had what we wanted and needed. I have had many jobs, and worked with many different people, and you are definitely in the top 5% of people who I can trust more than myself to get the job done well. And to me, that says a lot because you are all the way across the country and have a small window of where our work times overlap. Thank you all so much for your help, guidance, and support. "



Jamie Minton, Communications Coordinator

"We are VERY happy with our new website! We have already had many people comment on how beautiful it looks and how easily it is navigated. Your staff was not only friendly and accessible, but VERY helpful. Anytime I had questions, it was not long before I had a response. Either that my issue was fixed or that it was passed on to whomever was responsible...

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Even when I was lagging on things I needed to do, I was pleasantly reminded of what were were waiting on. I am VERY pleased with IES"



Kristin Derr
Alzheimer's Disease Association

"Thank you so much for all your help! The site looks amazing. We are extremely happy with all of the great design work that was put into it."



Megan Misuraca
The Aleco Corporation

"Only IES was able to take a vision, that by the way I was told was not possible by a few, and create such a FANTASTIC (sorry but I had to shout) AND AMAZING (had to shout again) masterpiece!!!" Thank you so much! I am telling all my friends and family about how fantastic, friendly, charming, creative, etc… you all are. The funny thing is that I had mentioned our intentions with the website to some colleagues and they had assured me that I will not be able to find anyone in Kern County to create it but you and your entire team are absolutely amazing and I am thankful for your commitment to art and innovation and NOT being overwhelmed with the expectations.... (read more)

"Thank you so much! I am telling all my friends and family about how fantastic, friendly, charming, creative, etc… you all are. The funny thing is that I had mentioned our intentions with the website to some colleagues and they had assured me that I will not be able to find anyone in Kern County to create it but you and your entire team are absolutely amazing and I am thankful for your commitment to art and innovation and NOT being overwhelmed with the expectations.

Your team was able to take a small vision and create such an AMAZING website. You are all AWESOME! Thank you so much!"



Stephanie Esla, Owner
Oral & Facial Specialists

"Tallatoona Community Action Partnership, Inc. board members and staff are very excited about our new website designed by IES. The services provided throughout the entire process was a great experience. We are especially excited about the intranet portion of our website that is proving to be more useful than we ever imagined as we utilize it more and more. IES is always quick to respond to our questions and has done a great job of custom ... (read more)

designing a website that is user friendly and custom built for our agency."



Robin Welch, Executive Assistant
Tallatoona Community Action Partnership

"I would like to thank and comment IES for always taking my calls and working through the issue (s) until they are 100% resolved, no matter how difficult the task may be. YOU, make me look good to my clients, as most clients don't understand what happens on the "back-end", and I couldn't ask for anything better... (read more)

You have my promise that I will recomment your products and services to my current and future client base without hesitation.

Great job IES...keep doing what others won't. It is recognized and appreciated."



Robert DiMeglio,, Owner
Coffey Manufacturing Consultant

"IES was right on target meeting our website design and launch needs every step of the way. From sales staff to programmers, we were made to feel that we were more important than anyone else. The true test, of course, was the launch of our beautiful and dynamic state of the art website."



Ginni Ring, Executive Director
CASA of Alameda County

"We are excited about our new website.  We are able to get information about our program out to the public and to put our website address on our brochures and other promotional material.  We were actually contacted by a teen girl who found our site and requested help for a difficult home situation she was in... (read more)

We were able to connect her with the right person to give her the direction she needed.

With our members only log in site we are able to post confidential information for our volunteers. We have all of our trainings and events posted on a monthly calendar and links to important websites they may need. We post our court dockets and training handouts, which cuts copying costs. We also post online training opportunities and will soon be posting podcasts of our in-service trainings for those who are unable to attend.

One of the most exciting things for us is the ability for our volunteers to submit their time sheets electronically. With an upgrade to our site, they are now able to record their time and mileage as they go along, submitting the final report at the end of the month. We were also able to obtain secure email addresses for each volunteer so that they can email confidential information regarding their cases. We are very happy with our decision to obtain this service from IES, and think of new things we want to do with it every day!"



Tanya Phillips
Lewis County Volunteer GAL

"No question was too small or too big! I am very impressed with the helpful and friendly attitude that each individual that I spoke to had."



Mary Younger
Eddy County CASA

"Thanks so much... you are Soooooooooooooooooooo on it! Please pass this on to your supervisor. I've never had such EXCELLENT customer service... Thank you again IES, take care!"



Linda Abrahams, Executive Director
Marin County Dental Society

"Working with IES was a very pleasant journey,they provided exactly what was promised in a timely fashion and are a pleasure to work with now in an ongoing relationship. Quite often I have found web site developers to put your web site together for you and once they are paid it is very hard to get any assistance at all, IES has not been like that in any way... (read more)

Any questions I have about loading content are answered very quickly and quite often with a step by step walk through." "I would strongly recommend any CAP's looking for help in getting a site up and running choose IES. "



Ken Weeks, IT Director
Lynn Economic Opportunity, Inc.

"The members of the Kern County Homeless Collaborative are unanimously loving the website. Some of them have even told me they are linking to it from their Facebook page and we even got out first volunteer e-mail through the website after it had only been up for about 30 minutes last night. Thank you all very much for the wonderful design and setup support. It is a success."



Louis Medina
Kern County Homeless Collaborative

"I am extremely excited and pleased to be working with IES.  Their website hosting and CASA templates are fantastic.  They will work with you to make sure that you have the color scheme you want and the information needed to make your program's website interactive and professional... (read more)

The back end manager (page builder) is easy to use and will allow you to make a cutting edge website without the cost of having a html programmer on contract or staff.  Luis and the staff at IES are knowledgeable and helpful and have completed everything on time and as promised.  I would not hesitate to recommend IES to every CASA program or private program out there.  We have to be connected. 

The age of computers and technology is in and growing rapidly.  Young volunteers and customers want everything at their finger tips at all times.  This company gives you the tools to update your website often and keep your clients, donors and customers drawn into what you are doing and why.  Give them a try, I promise you will not regret the choice."



Michelle Trulsrud, Program Director
CASA of Pulaski County AR.

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