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Team IES

Our Founder's Expertise

IES is able to deliver cutting-edge e-business strategies due, in part, to our founder's background and vision. He has a Ph.D. in Management and is a university professor. He is a highly dedicated professional who has worked as a consultant for both national and international companies. Backed by his expertise and our professional team, our goal is to deliver high quality e-business and web design services to businesses across the globe.

  • Mohsen Attaran, Founder and President, Ph.D. in Operations Management

Dedicated Professional Employees

The most important asset at IES is our team of skilled employees. IES consists of a dedicated, professional team committed to making each project a success and providing exemplary customer service from start to finish!  IES employs 14 employees with the following expertise and credentials:


  • Liset Alanis, Lead Web Designer.  AA degree in Digital Arts and AS degree in Web Development
  • Juanita Salmeron-Camey, Web Designer.
  • Shabee Naqvi, Web Designer.


  • Glenn Dobson, Lead Programmer/Web Developer.
  • Paulino Auyon, Programmer/Web Developer BS degree - Computer Information Systems
  • Erwin Rodriguez, Programmer/Web Developer

Project Management

  • Mike Diaz, Project Manager. BS degree - Marketing 

Sales & Marketing

  • Viking Mann, Sales Associate.
  • Seamus Watson, Sales Associate.

Customer & Technical Support

  • Robert Mann, Lead Technical Support / Systems Administrator.
  • Ryan Blanco, Systems Administrator.
  • Devon Kinnard, Lead Customer Support.
  • Andrew Rodriguez, Customer Support.
  • Ramon Duran, Customer Support.

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Contact Information

IES, Website Design & Development

You can contact us via email at , or reach us at the following address:

5401 Business Park South
Bakersfield, CA